The Cock-A-Doodle-Shoe

January 20th, 2019

 2019 Registration

There are three ways to register for 2019 and none of them is online. All entries received after January 02, 2019 will not be guaranteed an event shirt.

  1. Print off the form found by following this LINK, fill it out both front and back, and return it along with payment to;

    kinetic running c/o

    The Cock-A-Doodle-Shoe

    77 Margaret St

    Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    Cash or check only. Send cash at your own risk. Checks must be made out to Jeremy Drowne or they will be returned.

  2. Stop by kinetic running starting 10/13/2018 @ 77 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 and fill out the entry in person.

    Once again cash or check only. Checks must be made out to Jeremy Drowne or they will not be accepted.

  3. Register on-site the day of the race. This option will cost $5 more and you will not be guaranteed a shirt. Why wait and get less for more money? You’d also be making our lives a whole lot easier. If you choose this option please consider filling out an entry form beforehand. This will make things go more smoothly and ensure we start the races on time. Thanks in advance.

2019 Registrants so far

Names are updated as I receive them.

Kid’s Snowshoe Scramble 1/2 Mile

  1. Olivia Drowne

  2. Jules Douglas

  3. Caleb Douglas

  4. Zoe Laughny

  5. Levi Burnah*

  6. Tessa Coleman

  7. Tucker Connor

  8. Silas Urbanic


  1. Shannon Drowne

  2. Donald Moore

  3. Stacie Minchoff

  4. Caitlin Keefe

  5. Brian Wilson

  6. Paul Ford

  7. R. Seamus Madden

  8. Melaney Campbell

  9. Shawn Burnah

  10. Sarique Moore

  11. James Moore

  12. Scott Coleman

  13. Jay Frank

  14. Shawn Mulvaney

  15. Kerri Giroux-Mulvaney

  16. Brenna Mulvaney


  1. Jeremy Drowne

  2. Laura Clark

  3. Richard Burke

  4. J. Matthew Medeiros

  5. Caitrin Chiantia

  6. Thomas Chiantia

  7. Peter Keeney

  8. Christopher Post

  9. Matthew Miczek

  10. Kari Sharry

  11. Mark Heit

  12. Dawn O’Shaughnessy

  13. Neil Stanhope

  14. Mitch Ryan

Registration information missing (needs to be completed before the race)

  1. Levi Burnah